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Video of Ballerina Balancing on a BOSU

If You Thought Barre Workouts Were Hard, This Clip Will Leave You Speechless

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

For most of us, trying a barre class has us convinced that — nope, we were not ballerinas in our past lives. All the stretching, flexing, and strengthening positions can be tough on the back and thighs, especially if newcomers haven't exercised these areas. So, when we came across a short video clip on Reddit of a woman balancing on a BOSU in demi pointe — meaning, on the balls of her feet — our jaws just dropped. It seems as hard as it looks, especially when the woman is not even anchored to the ground.

You can practically see the muscles in her calves straining as she tests the limits of her body by balancing precariously on one leg. While you may think it's all leg muscle, there's plenty of ab action in there too. The short albeit mesmerising clip truly shows how strong her core is and it seems like the Reddit universe agrees; the clip has been viewed over 2 million times. If you're feeling inspired like us after watching this, these five barre workouts will tone your entire body. We can all secretly pretend we're ballerinas.

Image Source: Reddit user Sippingin
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