Health trends come and go — move over kale, it's all about cauliflower now— but one that's sticking around is the use of waist trainers. With a name as literal as they come, there's no chance for confusion: waist trainers train your waist to become whatever shape you want. Popularised by the likes of influential celebs like Kim and Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, what we see looks pretty good. Wear a cute little corset for a certain amount of time each day, then say hello to measurements Marilyn Monroe would envy.

Some waist trainers are even designed to be worn during excercise, to encourage perspiration and enhance sculpting. But it's the stuff we can't see that becomes the real concern. Exactly what is going on inside our bodies when we wear waist trainers? We spoke to osteopath Claire Richardson to find out.