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What Elle Macpherson Eats at Home

The 5 Healthy Foods Elle Macpherson Must Have in Her Kitchen At All Times

We've got an obsession with Elle Macpherson — there we said it! There's something about the 53-year-old Aussie that makes us want to forget everything we know and start living just like her.

Recently, the businesswoman, model and mum shared with us her day on a plate and we were surprised by how real and achievable it was — considering she's been a successful supermodel for most of her life. Elle subscribes to an "everything in moderation", mostly plant-based diet and to achieve that there are five items she admits she must have on hand in her kitchen at all times. Naturally, we just had to know and kindly Elle "The Body" Macpherson shared her mandatory, cannot-live-without shopping list. While some are to be expected for the healthy supermodel, there are a couple on the list we will be adding to the trolley on our next shop (anything that will help us in our quest to be more like Elle).

Elle's Kitchen Must-Haves

  • In-season fruit and green leafy vegetables, washed and ready to go
  • Hemp seeds
  • Organic raw almonds to make milk
  • Tahini
  • The Super Elixr

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