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What Is Moon Water?

Since When Did Moon Water Become a Thing?

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Our Instagram feeds are overrun with crystals. It seems everyone's collecting them, charging them and styling them on top of their biggest coffee table book next to their fancy Diptyque Baies candles — it's certainly become a trend over the last few years. However, in 2018 the business of energy healing is evolving, and the rock devotees are looking to moon water for some extra vibrations to complement their crystal therapy.

Is it from the moon? (the very first question that popped into my brain, when I first sipped the stuff) Well, no. Rather, the water is infused with the frequency of the moon. It was Lola Berry (a huge fan of energy healing, and drinking water based on the frequency of the moon — handy!) who first introduced me to moon water. We were drinking Lunar Water created by Frequency H20, to be exact, after one of her yoga classes. I had to press her on the unusual beverage because I didn't get it — I also don't get crystals, but that's because I've never really had the energy (pun intended) to try — it tasted just fine, but why would I want moon frequencies in my water exactly?

It's all about recharging your mind, body and spirit as you hydrate — ask Witchipedia and it will tell you it's also commonly used to brew magical potions. "You see, the energy of the moon is a very feminine and yin vibe making it good for promoting mediation and turning inwards," says Lola. "It's a gentle calming vibration."

As moon water starts to appear on shelves, more people are dabbling in DIY moon water. Similar to the crystal cleansing process, you can charge your water with the full moon. Fill a clean bottle or container with water and place it outside as the moon rises, after the moon has set and before the sun rises bring your water inside. For something different Lola suggests charging your water on crystal energy. You can do this by placing your crystals around the outside base of your water bottle or cup after your crystals have charged. "Warning: not all crystals are safe to put in your actual water bottle so make sure you do your research beforehand if you're keen on tapping into crystal energy," says Lola.

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