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What Is Olive Leaf Extract?

Buffer Your Body's Defences With This Immune-Boosting Supplement

If you barely have the time to eat a full meal some days, the chances are you're missing a few key nutrients and important supplements from your diet. With seasonal aches and pains setting in, it's important to take preventative care of yourself and avoid any fatigues, aches, or sniffles from setting in by taking the right supplements.

If you want to avoid the health hassles that undoubtedly come with the changing weather, it's time to give olive leaf extract a place in your kitchen cupboard.

Why It's Special

Olive leaf extract has double the antioxidant properties of green tea and contains the compound hydroxytyrosol, which provides the body with antioxidant benefits and fights off the effects of surface and ingested free radicals.

The extract's big hitter is oleuropein, which, while being an antioxidant itself, is also an active ingredient with antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial benefits — that are a natural boost for the immune system.

As well as this, olive leaf extract on the whole enjoys the health benefits as most staples of the Mediterranean diet.

How to Take It

Save time and expense by investing in a combination extract capsule like Comvita's immune support capsules that also contain zinc and copper for added immune-boosting benefits. You can also try a liquid extract that's easily stirred into teas and juices for a fortifying effect.

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