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What Not to Say to a Personal Trainer

What Not to Say to Your Personal Trainer

Workouts are tough, we know that, but no one knows that more than your personal trainer. They also know that with challenging workouts come amazing results, so forgive them if they're not too keen to hear you complain and whinge while making ridiculous excuses as your struggle through each session. If you want to keep your PT on side here are the things you should probably never say during your next session . . . according to our favourite personal trainers Ben Lucas, Kris Cochrane, Kevin Toonen and Renee Scott.

  • "I don't feel it."
  • "I've got my period, so I can't work out."
  • "Can I just do half a class and pay half the price?"
  • "I don't like sweat, it makes my hair frizzy."
  • "Can I just lie here?"
  • "Is back surgery an injury you should know about?"
  • "I've just had my hair done, can we not workout too hard today? I don't want to get sweaty."
  • "I'm too full to work out."
  • "Can you move for me?"
  • "Can we do everything except burpees . . . and lunge jumps . . . and crunches?"
  • "Can we take it easy today? I had a big night."
  • "I don't want to use weights, they'll bulk me up."
  • "I just don't think exercise and eating healthy works for me."
  • "Can you Snapchat our workout?"
  • "I don't have the right socks to work out today."
  • "How many kilos do you think I can lose this week?"
  • "I *had* to drink, it was a friend's birthday."
  • "I'll *try* to eat well this weekend."
  • "But we did that last week!"
  • "I'll *try* to work out before next session."
  • "Can you make me look like this? [Shows photo of someone on Instagram]"
  • "I think we should go easy today, I think I'm over training."
  • "I don't want to do squats because I put muscle on really easy."
  • "It's been three weeks and I don't feel much is happening."
  • "I feel fat or unfit." *Only trains once a week*

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