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Yoga Poses To Tone Lower Body

Yoga Poses to Tone Your Lower Body

One of the most common trouble spots for women is the lower half, and aside from traditional exercises like lunges and squats, there's also five yoga poses that will get your bottom and thighs into tip, top shape. Kaya Health Clubs yoga teacher, Marike Knight, has already given us an insight into how to clear our minds using yoga, and now she's got five poses for a tight behind. Keep reading.

Chair Pose
I tell my students this pose is wonderful for everything, it works the legs, the lower abdominal muscles the arms and in particular the will power and strong will power is definitely a necessary for any strengthening and toning work!

  • From standing sweep the hands along the floor and sit down as if sitting into an imaginary chair. Keep the feet together and squeeze the thighs and knees together as tightly as you can.
  • Slightly tuck the tailbone under lengthening through the spine and take the arms out in front hugging the muscles of the arms to the bone.
  • Draw weight into the heels so that if you look down you can see your toes and stay here, for as long as humanly possible. Think will power.

Goddess Pose

  • Stand in mountain pose and step the feet wide open with the toes turned toward the outer edges of your mat heels turned slightly in.
  • Bend your knees coming into wide squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Knees should be directly over your ankles.
  • Bring the hands together in prayer and hold for five to 10 breaths. For an extra challenge, do 10 to 15 tiny pulses of the legs while in the squat. To take it even further, lift onto the toes and do 10 to 15 tiny pulses while staying balanced on the toes.

Warrior III

  • From the back of the mat, raise the hands above the head with palms together. Lengthen through the side waist and engage the muscles of the core.
  • From here, step the right foot out in front and raise the left leg off the floor coming into a T shape. Try and keep the hips as level as possible and put a slight micro bend in the right leg.
  • Bring all the energy into the back of the left leg, pointing the toes and engaging the glutes. Stay for at least five breaths and then repeat on the other side.

Plank With Knee Crunch

  • Start from down dog and move into plank position.
  • From plank on the exhalation, take your right knee up to your right elbow hugging the knee into the chest, on the inhalation take the right leg back to plank.
  • On the very next exhalation, take the right knee across to your left elbow, hugging the knee and leg up into the chest.
  • On the inhalation, take the leg back to plank. Repeat three to five times before pressing back into downward dog. Then come forward and repeat with the left leg.
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