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Yoga Sequence For Better Sex

The Yoga Sequence That Makes Sex More Fun

The Yoga Sequence That Makes Sex More Fun

What you've heard is true: yogis do it better. With improved flexibility, body awareness, stress reduction, and controlled breathing (an essential for any woman who has difficulty reaching the big "O"), yogis are able to translate the many gifts they've learned on the mat to the bedroom.

If you can't let loose in certain positions, or you constantly say "ow!" when you and your partner want to try something new, this short yoga sequence will alleviate those common issues. This relaxing yet energizing sequence brings special attention to your back, hips, and hip flexors — three of the most common trouble zones that can lead to discomfort during sex. When all is said and done, you'll be tempted to step off your mat and underneath the sheets . . . or on top of the sheets . . . or on the couch (you get the picture).

Source: POPSUGAR Photography

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