Apple Fitness+ Has New Miley Cyrus and Shania Twain Workouts That’ll Rock Your World

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If Miley Cyrus’s new “Flowers” video – and the workout inside it – fueled your motivation to move, there’s great news: you can now sweat to Miley-dedicated classes on Apple Fitness+. And Cyrus isn’t the only headliner here. On March 6, Apple also launched Artist Spotlights for country queen Shania Twain and pop icon Mariah Carey.

“I hear lots of people like listening to my music in the gym and it makes me so happy – it means it’s energetic and inspirational.”
-Shaina Twain

In case you aren’t familiar, Apple Fitness+ is the brand’s workout streaming platform that was formerly exclusive for Apple Watch users. However, in October 2022, they made it available for all iPhone users for $10/month. Fitness+ regularly launches Artist Spotlight series, which are batches of classes dedicated to one specific artist’s music. For example, Artist Spotlights have previously included Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and BTS.

Every Monday throughout the month of March, Women’s History Month, Fitness+ will drop a new workout soundtracked to chart-topping women artists, falling across all different modalities, from cycling and yoga to strength and dance. On March 6, they started with a Mariah Carey yoga flow, a Shania Twain strength class, and a Miley Cyrus cycling workout (is there any better use for her song “The Climb?”).

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Twain, whose latest album “Queen of Me” just came out on Feb. 3, is personally very excited about the collab. “You’ve got to make working out fun, do what you love, so it feels like burning energy instead of a job!” Twain said in a release from Apple. “I hear lots of people like listening to my music in the gym and it makes me so happy – it means it’s energetic and inspirational.”

Science shows music does make workouts better – it makes them feel easier, makes you happier, and encourages you to go harder. And when you have the rallying cry of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” blasting through your strength session, it’s hard not to channel that energy into what you’re doing on the mat.

To access these workouts, you’ll need an iPhone 8 or later, and to have iOS 16.1 or later on your phone. Then, simply navigate to the Fitness app (it comes pre-downloaded). If you haven’t yet tried Fitness+, you can check it out for three months free. Beyond that, you’ll need to subscribe for $10/month or $80/year.

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