I'm a Trainer, and These Are the Exercises That Will Help You Get Stronger in 2020

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If your goal is to get stronger, there isn’t one perfect exercise or workout that will help you achieve this goal, but you probably already knew that. But with that being said, there are movements I believe everyone should master to build foundational strength – the type of strength that will get you through your everyday life.

Ahead, I’ve curated a list of moves I think everyone should learn to feel stronger at the gym, but also when you’re doing things like hiking, grocery shopping, moving furniture, and running. Some moves you’ll love and others will challenge you, and that’s OK.

Whether you add one move from this list or none into your routine, moving your body more will pay off in the long run mentally and physically. To be clear, these aren’t the only exercises you should do while training to get stronger. In fact, I recommend learning other exercises and training techniques to prevent plateauing, but these movement patterns are the root to movements you do every single day. Check them out ahead.

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