15 Habit-Tracking Apps to Usher in Your Season of Productivity

POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Kelly

We all want to build healthy habits. But if you’ve ever sat down to watch Netflix, blinked, and realized you just spent three hours rewatching

“Selling Sunset” or “Never Have I Ever” then you know how hard it can be to stick to your goals. Most nights, I dream of big plans for the next day – wake up at 6 a.m., work out, drink tons of water, finally organize my closet – only to forget it all the following morning while simply trying to survive. If you too tend to lose track of time (and your goals), you may want to try one of these brilliantly organized apps.

While bullet journaling is great and printed habit trackers are so fun to fill out, habit-tracking apps are so effective! These aesthetically pleasing habit-tracking apps live on your phone, helpfully reminding you with notifications and motivational messages to meet your goals. From finding more time to read to limiting alcohol, you can set custom habits you want to track to reach your goals. Find 15 of the best habit-tracking apps in the slides ahead.

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