Check Out POPSUGAR Editors' Favorite Peloton Classes – Biking, Hiking, Core, and More

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Working out at home is my thing, so when I was introduced to the Peloton app back in the spring of 2019, I fell head over heels. The range of classes – bike, treadmill, HIIT, strength, yoga, meditation, barre, etc. – and the upbeat, always-inspiring, powerhouse trainers leading every video won me over.

I’m not the only POPSUGAR editor who feels this way. Many people on our staff have their tried and true classes they go back to again and again. Keep reading for a list of classes all taken on the app that are POPSUGAR-approved. (Note: I have so many favorites, but I only included two here.)

The Best Peloton Classes, According to POPSUGAR Editors

  • Kristin McGee’s 30-Minute Keith Urban Yoga Flow on Sept. 27, 2020: POPSUGAR Fashion Editor Sarah Wasilak said she’s not a country fan but thought this was a great class “where I could feel myself making progress with yoga.”
  • Ally Love’s 30-Minute Barre on Sept. 21, 2020: Wasilak also called Ally Love’s new barre classes “amazing.” She noted, “They’re hidden in the strength section for those who may be unfamiliar. If you like Ally on the bike, you’ll appreciate this more laid-back side of her.”
  • Matty Maggiacomo’s 60-Minute ’90s Pop Fun Run Audio on July 12, 2018: Peloton also offers audio classes to listen to while running outdoors. Wasilak loves this one from Matty Maggiacomo. She said this class got her obsessed with Peloton, and “it literally makes you realize that an hour-long run outside can be fun.”
  • Robin Arzón’s 10-Minute J Lo Core Strength on Sept. 29, 2020: POPSUGAR Senior Native Editor Victoria Moorhouse named Robin Arzón as one of her favorite Peloton instructors, and Moorhouse especially loves the 10-minute core sessions. “It’s so easy to commit to 10 minutes of exercise, and I’ve learned so many new and interesting core moves that don’t include your standard, and often really boring, crunch,” Moorhouse said.
  • Rebecca Kennedy’s 30-Minute J Balvin Full-Body Strength on Sept. 16, 2020: Rebecca Kennedy is just the trainer for you if you’re looking to challenge yourself and learn new moves. This 30-minute strength class set to J Balvin songs is fun, features a slew of squats, and even has a dance section! I can’t dance, but I still enjoyed myself (especially since I was in the privacy of my own home).
  • Jess Sims’s 20-Minute Hike on June 26, 2019: One thing that made me stick with Peloton in the beginning was the fact that its trainers created walking workouts that brought the heat and challenged me through and through. I love the power-walking and hiking classes on the treadmill, and this hike from Jess Sims is an example of how to break a sweat on an incline. I also was a huge fan of her choice in music.
  • Any of Jess Sims’s Saturday 60 Treadmill Classes: POPSUGAR Executive Style Director Dana Avidan Cohn recommended Jess Sims’s Saturday 60 classes on the treadmill, which are (you guessed it!) an hour long. There are running sessions as well as bootcamp sessions (a mixture of running and weights). Avidan Cohn’s favorite is the 60-minute 2010s bootcamp because of the songs.
  • Jenn Sherman’s 60-Minute Epic Sing-Along Rides: Jenn Sherman has hour-long rides that are labeled as sing-alongs on the app. “The playlists have me singing at the top of my lungs and my kids making fun of me endlessly,” POPSUGAR Vice President of Native Content Rebecca Gruber said.
  • Jess Sims’s 60-Minute Bike Bootcamp on Oct. 6, 2020: Gruber is also a fan of bike bootcamps, Peloton’s newest bootcamp format. She named this class as “not only one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken,” but “one of the most rewarding. I felt like I really achieved something when I finished it.”
  • 45-Minute All For One Ride on July 4, 2019: This class includes a number of different instructors and is another one of Gruber’s favorite rides. “I’ve taken it several times and PR each time I take it. The mix of instructors is energizing and puts me in such a great mood!” she said.
  • Robin Arzón’s 30-Minute ’90s Ride on Aug. 28, 2020: POPSUGAR Fitness Senior Editor Christina Stiehl loves Arzón’s positive energy that she brings to her rides. “This ride is just 30 minutes so it makes me feel accomplished, and the playlist is filled with an eclectic mix of throwback jams from the ’90s!” Stiehl said. “I had so much fun singing and dancing to the music that the time flew by.”
  • Robin Arzón’s 30-Minute HIIT Ride on Sept. 25, 2020: Stiehl also named this ride from Arzón as one of her favorites. “If you want to challenge yourself and really break a sweat, try this 30-minute HIIT ride,” she said. “It’s filled with bursts of hard work followed by rest periods. Luckily the music is so much fun that riding to the beat will make it suck just a little less.”

No matter what level you identify as in your fitness journey, you’re a kickass athlete – and Peloton reminds you of that. Start with the classes we’ve recommended here, and find what works for you. We sure did!

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