5 of the Best, Most Comfortable Period Undies to Reduce Your Environmental Impact


When it comes to environmentally-friendly alternatives, there is so much on offer. Think of KeepCups, canvas tote bags, stainless steel water bottles and straws — these items make it easier for us to tread more lightly on the Earth and reduce our single-use waste. When it comes to products for a more eco-friendly period (given the short lifespan of pads and tampons), period underwear is where it’s at.

A must-have for many people, period undies have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, even spawning the creation of period tights for worry-free exercise. Designed to be reusable, leak-proof and moisture-wicking, period undies range in absorbency levels and styles, catering to your individual flow.

And, once you’ve worn a pair of period undies, you simply pop them in the wash and you can wear them again and again for many cycles to come. We’ve rounded up five of the best period undies available in Australia. If you’re going to give period-proof undies a go, make it one of these brands.

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