Build Muscle by Adding These 12 Sculpting Plyometric Exercises to Your Routine

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Growing up, I had an affinity for intense workouts and sports. My favorite part of training was always the plyometric sessions, although I thoroughly loved winning competitions in practice, scoring goals when scrimmaging my sister, and getting new PRs. I loved plyo sessions because they involved agility, power, and explosion, and they translated to becoming a better athlete.

As a trainer, I still have a special place in my heart for plyos for all of the same reasons. Additionally, they can help you build and increase the size of your muscle mass – which I love for both aesthetic and overall health purposes.

I wouldn’t recommend doing plyometrics daily, especially if you’re untrained, aren’t accustomed to performing plyometric exercises, and aren’t following a specialized workout plan. But, I do recommend beginning to add a few of the following exercises into your workouts if your goal is to build muscle and improve your speed, strength, power, and overall athletic performance.

Be sure to work with a certified trainer if you’re just getting started out to ensure that you meet the prerequisites to add these movements into your routine (i.e. being able to perform a bodyweight squat properly before doing a jump squat) and that you’re performing them with proper technique.

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