These Running Shoes Will Get You to Your 10k Goals In No Time

running shoes

Fact: great activewear and quality running shoes will make you run faster. Okay, maybe it’s not going to turn you into an Olympic-level sprinter, but wearing the right gear and feeling comfortable and supported will definitely see your form improve.

When it comes to selecting the right running shoes, you first have to consider what type of running you’re doing. Are you interested in cross-country style running, like trail runs? Or are you more of a once-a-week jog on the sidewalk type? It’s important to pick running shoes that will support your feet for whatever style of running you choose, and it’s not one-shoe-works-for-all.

If you’re cross-country running, look for extra cushioning and grip — you’ll need it for uneven surfaces. For low-key joggers, a supportive fit and flatter sole will prevent you from slipping. Long-distance runners? The lighter the shoe, the better because, as you tire, the lightness of your footwear will really be noticeable. 

Below, you’ll find five of our favourite running shoes for various types of running.

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