11 Muscle-Shaking Slider Exercises to Mix Up Your Home Workout Routine

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I live in a small, thin-walled, thin-floored apartment, which means that when I’m working out at home, explosive jumping movements aren’t the best idea. I’ve been struggling with any kind of dynamic moves, to be honest – anything more impactful than squat pulses or Russian twists seems to make my whole apartment shake.

Sliders, also known as disc gliders, are a good solution. Your foot, hand, or whatever’s on the slider stays in contact with the floor the whole time, so you can move around freely without worrying about noise or impact. Not only that, but the addition of sliders makes many basic moves a LOT harder. I feel a ton of extra engagement in my core, and notice that I have to take moves a lot slower as I focus on dragging the slider around, which increases the burn in my working muscles. And the best part might be that, to do an exercise with sliders, you don’t even need sliders. Two small towels on any hard surface will work just fine, or two paper plates on carpet. (If you do want the real deal, try this pair of sliders from Amazon.)

Check out our favorite slider exercises ahead, plus a bonus workout video to get you moving and sweating with the new moves!

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