The 23 Best Workout Apps, According to Editors

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The past few years have been a time of unprecedented growth for workout apps. In 2020, fitness-app downloads shot up by 46 percent, and daily user numbers increased by 24 percent, according to Polaris Market Research. That should come as no surprise: with gyms closing and stay-at-home guidelines in place during the initial wave of the COVID pandemic, people who wanted to work out turned to fitness apps to find routines they could use at home. And even though in many places across the US, gyms and fitness studios are back in full swing, the fitness-app boom is still going strong.

There’s a lot to love about workout apps. Many people find that working out from home is a more convenient way to exercise than traveling to and from the gym. What’s more, because there are so many workout apps available, they allow people to choose the type of exercise that works best for them, even if that modality isn’t offered in a gym or studio nearby. There are apps for every expertise level, equipment, or accommodation needed. There are apps perfect for the gym, at home, or outdoor workouts like runs. You can zero in on one modality you love or try a new type of workout every day, whether that’s yoga, strength training, running, Pilates, or HIIT. There are apps for short workouts and long ones; apps that are free or paid; and apps that guide you through video, audio, or written cueing. This is all to say, there’s truly a workout app for everyone.

Of course, that can create a whole different problem. There are so many workout apps available that it might be hard to choose – and that’s where we come in. As an exercise-loving bunch, we’ve tried out a huge chunk of fitness apps on the market, and through our own personal experiences and swapping notes with our coworkers, friends, and gym buddies, we’ve sussed out 23 of the best workout apps available, according to POPSUGAR editors. Whether you have a stocked at-home gym or not, there’s a platform to meet you where you are and trainers ready to motivate you on your fitness journey. Ready? Your new favorite workout is only a download away.

– Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo

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