Here's How A Calm Sleep Story By Blackpink's Rosé Helped This Blink Fall Fast Asleep

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Spoiler alert: This piece mentions some of the content in the newly released sleep story.

The newest celeb to share a sleep story on the appropriately named app, Calm is Blackpink’s Rosé. The app Calm hosts a number of meditations and sleep stories by both in-house guides and celebrities – like Harry Styles, Idris Elba, and Tabitha Brown – to help users unwind. As a Blink (their fandom name), I could barely contain my excitement when I got the opportunity to listen to Rosé’s sleep story, titled Grounded with Rosé, ahead of its release. The New Zealand-born, Australian-raised member of Blackpink spends 30 minutes taking listeners on a imaginative journey through nature with a soothing nursery rhyme like story about ease and comfort.

Knowing that Rosé is the main vocal (and lead dancer) of Blackpink I knew already that her velvety singing voice would be just as relaxing in a soft spoken tone – and I was right. Keep reading to find out how long it took me to fall asleep to Rosé’s sleep story and what she said to transport me to dreamland.

What is Blackpink’s Rosé Calm Sleep Story About?

I’ve always struggled with falling asleep, so what better time to listen to Rosé’s sleep story then on a night where I found myself staring at my ceiling instead of the inside of my eyelids. Prior to listening to her sleep story I had tried for an hour to fall asleep but nothing was working. Then I put on Grounded with Rosé and my brain completely shifted.

Rosé began the sleep story speaking about her appreciation for being able to cuddle up with her puppy, Hank, under her “soft blankets” and listen to a story on Calm to wind down from a long day. As she spoke, the sounds of crickets and a low-pitch hum began to fill in the once quiet background. I could already feel my bullet train brain start to slow down.

She seamlessly transitioned into the sleep story by asking listeners “to settle into your warm bed, relax your body and take a few deep breaths. . .” After breathing deeply four times I closed my eyes and surrendered to Rosé. She started to follow a nursery rhyme rhythm as the background sounds grew louder. The smooth sounds felt like they were massaging my mind, telling it to relax. Rosé continued to describe a peaceful forest where we were free from responsibility, making comparisons to the freedom we once felt as children.

A little over 10 minutes in Rosé said, “Bring yourself to balance like a bird prepared to fly, feeling all your tension float off into the sky.” Next thing I knew my morning alarm was blaring and I, unfortunately, had to part ways with my warm cozy bed.

When I fully regained consciousness, I listened to the remaining 20 minutes of the sleep story. In it, we traveled from a forest to the sea so that we could peacefully sleep beneath the moonlight. Woven into the story were words encouraging peace, calm, breath, and safety. But, if you’re anything like me you might only absorb those words subconsciously as you’ll probably be knocked out long before the story ends.

Rosé’s sleep story not only helped me sleep but also made me feel Forever Young. If you’d like to reconnect to the freedom of your youth while feeling cozy in bed, definitely give Grounded with Rosé a listen here.

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