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Holiday Blogilates "All I Want For Christmas" Squat Video

Blogilates's Mariah Carey Holiday Squat Video Is Only 4 Minutes but Lit Up My Quads

What do I have in common with ACE-certified personal trainer and Blogilates creator Cassey Ho? We both tried her holiday squat challenge set to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. The workout is essentially nonstop and lasts for the entirety of the song — just four minutes! But, by the end, I felt my quads igniting and begging me for a break. Note: my glutes were already sore at this point from workouts prior, so I can't say if the squats effected them as much. Plus, as a reminder, you need to do more glute-focussed exercises to really build up your booty; squats alone won't cut it.

The moves follow along to the tempo of the song and include a quick warmup, narrow squats and narrow squat pulses, sumo squats and sumo squat pulses, side squats, and fun choreography that targets your legs. A bonus is that the song gets you in a cheerful mood (I did this at 10 p.m. before showering the day away, and even I was a little less aggravated afterward).

I am not saying I'm Christmas music's number one fan — I'm Jewish, and you don't see Mariah belting her heart out about her love burning for eight spectacular nights, do you? — but, if I had to listen to any Christmas tune, it would be that Mariah classic. Ultimately, if you're looking for a fun burnout to do at the end of your workout, this video is a no-brainer, feel-good option. Or, repeat the video multiple times, and add weights to make it a holiday-friendly leg day.

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