Where To See July’s Full Buck Moon Tonight (And What It Means For Your Horoscope)

buck moon australia 2022
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Tonight, a full “buck” supermoon is set to illuminate the sky.

According to NASA, the rare buck supermoon will be most visible Wednesday morning (at 4:48am).

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This will be the closest supermoon of 2022 — the moon will be a mere 363,300 kilometres from the earth.

If you slept through your alarm – never fear. NASA reports that the buck supermoon will be visible everywhere in Australia until the morning of Friday, July 15th. Grab your folding chair (and maybe some bevs), and find a clear spot under the stars tonight.

The Astrological Implications Of A Full “Buck Moon” In Capricorn

You may have heard this event referred to ominously as “a Full Buck Moon in Capricorn.” Astrology blog Hoodwich describes a buck moon in Capricorn as a time in which “illusions will be shattered” and “power struggles” may commence. What does this mean, and why does it all sound so dramatic?

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the “Buck Moon” is named after the male deer because July is a period in which the male stag’s antlers experience rapid growth. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers year round – so the Buck Moon is often associated with personal growth.

On July 13th, the moon moves into Capricorn – and it’s a buck supermoon. In astrology, moons are believed to amplify a sign’s traits – supermoons, even more so.

You can expect a supermoon in Capricorn to bring emotional upheaval and intensity to the areas the sign is usually most associated with.

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Capricorn is represented by the ever-climbing goat in astrology, the sign is associated with career, ambition, acquisition and public image.

Capricorns are often adept politicians. Famous Capricorns include Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. They also have a reputation for being… a little bit callous in their personal lives.

You can expect the supermoon in Capricorn to bring upheaval to areas of your life like career, long-term goals, and, ahem, personal resources (in perfect timing for the new financial year).

This is while we are already wading through watery, emotional and reflective Cancer season.

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So, Does The Buck Moon Mean We’re Doomed?

Like deer, the goat is subject to the pain and growth of a new set of antlers. In this Capricorn rising’s humble opinion, a bit of pain so long as it’s followed by growth isn’t necessarily bad.

To make the most of this growth phase, reflect on whether your goals are serving you. Do you need to budget better? Have you not seen your mates in yonks because you spend all your working? How well are your current professional goals working out for you, and do you need to adopt a new strategy?

Fortunately, you can do this with a rosé in hand under the prettiest moon we’re set to see this year.

Feeling overwhelmed? Never fear. Leo season is almost here to sweep out the cobwebs.

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