Drift Off Into a Deep Sleep With This Relaxing 25-Minute Meditation Narrated by Diddy

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“It’s time to slow down and enter a period of deep, restorative rest,” Diddy soothingly says at the beginning of his 25-minute meditation “Honor Yourself.” This free meditation from Audible was created to help you “slow down and drift off into the peaceful, restorative sleep that you deserve,” he explained.

If your mind is constantly racing and you find yourself up late at night thinking about the events of your day or what you have planned for the rest of the week, this meditation is for you. Throughout the meditation, Diddy helps you set a vision (getting better sleep) in order to prepare your body and mind for restorative rest. The goal is to help you “shut off” your thoughts and release any tension you may be feeling while letting you know that it’s OK to take time and unwind, because in the words of Diddy, “You deserve slowness.”

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After just a few minutes of this meditation, we’re already feeling less tense and more confident in our ability to press pause and relax. If you have been going nonstop and are ready to unwind and decompress, check out this meditation.

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