This Dietitian Wants to Tell Every Freshman: Don't Worry About the “Freshman 15!”

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While college may look a little different this fall, one message freshmen have to deal with is not to gain the “freshman 15.” With all-you-can-eat dining halls, partying, late-night snacking and pizza deliveries, and the freedom to eat what, when, and how much you want, weight gain is common during this exciting and also stressful time. Registered dietitian and certified intuitive-eating counselor Sam Previte, LDN, CPT, who specializes in helping clients make peace with food and enjoy life, wants freshmen to know that they shouldn’t worry about weight gain!

As someone who personally got sucked into dieting and disordered eating habits, Previte wants to prevent Freshman from the same pain she went through. Read on to learn why restrictive dieting is harmful, how it can actually lead to weight gain, and to learn ways to protect yourself from diet culture’s messages so you can focus on enjoying all the other amazing things happening freshman year.

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