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A Dietitian Explains the Rule of Fists For Macros on TikTok

A Dietitian's "Rule of Fists" TikTok Trick Makes Balancing Your Macros So Freakin' Easy


having ALL macronutrients present at each meal is the key to a balanced and sustainable diet✨#nutritiontips #dietitian #easyrecipe #PlayWithLife

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If you've ever heard the word "macronutrients" and felt like quietly exiting the chat, we get it — and registered dietitian Corinne Smith, MS, is here to help. Macronutrients (aka macros) are simply the three main nutritional categories of food: carbs, protein, and fat. You need all three in your diet, regardless of your fitness goals. But when it comes to putting food on the plate, the divisions can get a little confusing. How do you create a plate that's balanced between each macro but also satisfying and nutritious? That's where Smith's tip comes in.

In her TikTok, Smith introduces us to the "rule of fists." It's a simple tool to help you create a balanced meal: you use your hands to measure out the amount of each macro on your plate. Here's her rule of fists broken down:

  • Vegetables: two fists. (Note: veggies aren't considered a macronutrient, but they're an essential part of your diet no matter what your goals are!)
  • Protein: one fist.
  • Carbs: one fist.
  • Fat: two thumbs.

It's a useful trick because you can easily eyeball each amount without getting too into the exact measurements, which can be time-consuming, stressful, or triggering for some. Including each macro (plus vegetables) in your meal will also leave you feeling full and satisfied when you're done. Next time you're at a loss for how much protein, carbs, or fats to put on your plate, this could be the right trick to try.

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