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Disney Princesses Doing Home Workouts Video From Blogilates

Motivated Mulan or Sleeping Aurora — Which Disney Princess Working Out Are You?


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Have you ever wondered what Disney princesses would be like if they left the confines of their storybook lives? Blogilates founder Cassey Ho took her best guess based off of their distinct personalities and fairy tale narratives, and she recorded fun TikTok footage imagining how these princesses might act while exercising at home. The quick video features Ho dressed up and impersonating Belle, Mulan, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, and Ariel.

You'll see Ariel excited to use a towel to activate her core (she's the queen of sprawling out) and studious Belle contemplating how accurate the workout video she's doing really is (because, of course, she's well-read when it comes to fitness). You'll also see Mulan taking exercises to the next level and . . . we'll let you guess what Aurora is up to.

This video is a sort of sequel to the one Ho made in June, which showcases how Disney princesses would act returning to reopened gyms amid COVID-19. That video, too, is a must watch! Plus, check out her 15-minute cardio workout set to songs you know and adore from TikTok here.

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