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Emily Thorne's Taylor Swift HIIT Workout

This Trainer Created a 20-Minute HIIT Workout Set to Taylor Swift, and We Can't Calm Down

From the trainer who brought you an incredible Mama Mia! workout comes another session full of moves that will challenge your strength and cardio in a fun way: Taylor Swift HIIT. (Yes! Swift is getting the high-intensity interval treatment!) Emily Thorne knows how to bring so much joy into workout routines, and this class features alternating Tabata-like bodyweight dance sequences (two different choreographed sections per song repeated on a loop) and also incorporates moves like squats and jumps. Everything is set to hits from Swift's Reputation and Lover.

You'll warm up to "...Ready For It?"; power through "You Need to Calm Down," "I Did Something Bad," "Cruel Summer," and "Paper Rings"; then work out to "Me!" to finish things off. Thorne will walk you through each sequence and their modifications — some of our favourite moves include quick feet into star jumps and "ball" slams, mini squats into body rolls, and monster walks into low jumping jacks.

This routine only takes about 20 minutes to complete. And, to settle your heart rate afterward, try Thorne's deep-stretch cooldown. Plus, if you're looking for more HIIT dance mashups, Thorne's 20-minute Disney session might be calling your name (it's calling ours!).

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