Peloton’s Emma Lovewell Thinks Her New Memoir Might Surprise You

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Emma Lovewell lives her life by four simple words: “Live, learn, love well.” It’s how she ends each of her Peloton classes, and, as she shares with People magazine, it’s the message at the core of her upcoming memoir, “Live Learn Love Well: Lessons from a Life of Progress Not Perfection.” The book, which is slated for publication on May 2, 2023, details Lovewell’s wellness journey beyond just her fitness instruction, including plenty of personal stories that she says span from “heartwarming” to downright “funny.”

“It’s really a book of stories chronicling my life, my career, and my personal life, physical and mental fitness; the whole journey that has created the person I am today,” Lovewell tells People. “I’d like to look at it as a resource for people, anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed or scared to make a change. [It’s] just showcasing that, even the smallest amount of change, can really redirect or change the course of your life.”

“I’d like to look at it as a resource for people, anyone who feels stuck or overwhelmed or scared to make a change.”

Despite all of Lovewell’s success, the path to get to where she is today was not easy- a truth she intends to thoroughly explore throughout the pages of her memoir, and one she thinks others will be able to understand. “I think some people will be surprised by some of the stories of my career,” she says. “Like, I took a Craigslist job for $50 once and that’s kind of the reason why I am where I am today. The road is very bumpy. Growth was not linear. It was not straight. There [are] a lot of interesting ups and downs and some things that people might relate to.”

In that same vein, Lovewell adds that one of the biggest takeaways from her book, and something she tries to emphasize in class, is the importance of progress over perfection – the idea that consistency and growth is far more valuable than some other elusive and unrealistic measure of worth. “I think if we hold ourselves to some standard that is unattainable, we will always be reaching for it and always be thinking that maybe we’re not enough,” Lovewell says. “That type of mindset can be detrimental and can really hold us back and make us unhappy. So, I believe in trying to find joy in little wins… What are the little things in your day that you can do that give you gratification, that make you feel like you’re moving in the right direction?” she asks. “Celebrate those.”

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