20 Expert-Approved Ways to Calm, Center, and Soothe Your Mind, Today and Every Day

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“It’s a lot right now.” Why does it feel like we’ve been saying that all. year. long? We’re under stress from every direction, often caused by things we can’t control. When it’s not in your power to change the major, life-altering events happening around us, what can you do to feel better? Experts have lots of tips, which is why we distilled it down to the bare essentials. If therapists and psychologists could recommend one (just one) thing to do, every day, that could help our mental health, what would it be?

The answers are in: keep reading for a list of 20 things that experts recommend doing every day to benefit your mental health. To clarify, you don’t need to do each of things every single day; try one or a few at a time, experiment, and find what works best for you. Use this list as your starting point to develop your own mental-health-boosting routine.

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