How Much Does F45 Training Cost? Here’s All the Info

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Every fitness studio has its own approach to hyping up its visitors and inspiring a sense of accomplishment. For F45, it’s a combination of 45-minute functional training sessions programmed for efficiency and fostering camaraderie with a “team mentality.”

That’s proven to be a winning formula. F45 opened its first studio in Australia in 2013 and has since expanded to more than 3,300 studios in 67 countries.

If you live near one of the studios and are considering giving it a try, you might be curious what the chain’s pricing is like. Here are the details on how much F45 costs and what you can expect to get out of your investment.

How Much Does F45 Cost?

Pricing varies across studios, as do the specific membership tiers and class pack options available. The easiest way to find out exact pricing is to contact your closest studio or to use the “Find a Studio” feature on the F45 site.

That said, you can expect to pay around $30 to $40 for a single class. Monthly memberships fall around $170 at some of the more affordable locations, while other locations charge $250+. Generally, a membership only gives you access to the specific studio you sign up for.

As an example, the pricing at the studio in the Nomad neighborhood of New York City is as follows:

  • Single Class: $40 for a single drop-in class
  • One-Week Pass: $99 for a one-week pass
  • 10-Pack of Classes: $320 for a 10-pack
  • 2 Classes per Week Membership: $54 per week or $109 per month
  • Unlimited Membership: $74/week

F45 also offers low-cost, one-week trials for those who have yet to visit a studio.

F45’s pricing places it within the ballpark of other national workout studios, like Orangetheory Fitness and Club Pilates. If you’re someone who prefers group instruction, values the benefits of cardio and resistance training, and loves to push your limits through challenges, you might find that F45’s fees are well worth it.

What Are F45 Workouts Like?

Whether you opt for a membership or à la carte classes, you can craft a well-rounded routine with F45’s rotation of workouts. The studios offer Cardio classes that combine aerobic and anaerobic work; Resistance classes designed to build power and stability; Hybrid cardio and resistance classes; and Recovery classes focused on mobility and flexibility.

Each one offers a full-body workout, and no two workouts are the same, according to the brand. You’ll also use tons of different equipment in class, from spin bikes and free weights to battle ropes and plyometric boxes.

Are There Any Other F45 Costs to Know About?

If you like tracking your metrics during workouts, you can purchase F45’s Lionheart Heart Rate Monitor to use during the classes. The device tracks your heart rate, percentage of maximum effort, total calories burned, and rates your performance with a points system. You can view your stats on screens in the studios throughout class. While the heart rate monitor is available for purchase at F45 studios, they aren’t a requisite for taking classes.

F45 holds several 45-day challenges throughout the year, which are targeted fitness and nutrition programs that sometimes have an additional cost. Anyone who downloads the F45 Challenge app can view meal plans and recipes, and F45 members also get access to on-demand workouts.

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