Here’s Why the Fitbit Luxe Will Be the Most Important Accessory You Own


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These days, we demand more of our fitness tracking devices. Counting steps is a great feature, but what about a sleek design that is fashion-forward? It would be handy if it had call and text notifications as well, right? And, the option to track menstrual health and an added Do Not Disturb function would be the icing on the cake. It might sound like a lot to ask for in one device, but these are all features of the Fitbit Luxe

The design of the Fitbit Luxe is timeless, with a polished stainless steel casing around the face and a plethora of bracelet-like band accessories — the days of wearing a chunky tracker are behind you. The sophisticated design, including a gold chain-link special edition band designed by Californian brand gorjana designed to layer with pieces you already love, means the Fitbit Luxe will only ever complement your outfit rather than interfere with your look — that’s a massive tick in our book!  

It helps you achieve your fitness goals

Aesthetics aside, the Fitbit Luxe takes a holistic approach to health and wellness so your whole well-being is catered for. For all things body-related, the Fitbit Luxe includes a Health Metrics Dashboard that tracks everything from your breathing rate, resting heart rate and heart rate variability. In fact, you have round-the-clock heart rate tracking with the Fitbit Luxe so you’ll always know where you’re at. 

You can also level-up your workouts with 20 different modes that allow you to receive real-time stats as you exercise. Connect your phone to the Fitbit Luxe via GPS and you’re able to track your pace and distance as well! There is also a handy feature called Active Zone Minutes, which tracks the time spent in the fat burn, cardio or peak heart-rate zones. To help maximise your time, you earn two Active Zone Minutes for each minute you’re in these zones.

Each week, the Fitbit Luxe encourages you to reach a certain number of Active Zone Minutes to ensure you’re meeting the World Health Organisation’s recommendations of physical exercise, which is at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity over the course of a week. If you’re struggling with motivation, this is a simple way to get the boost you’ve been wanting. Your body (and mind!) will thank you for it.

It will keep your mental health in check

Alongside physical movement, managing your stress and mental health is just as important. To help you with this, the Fitbit Luxe provides you with a daily Stress Management Score, so you can better understand how your body handles stress. When things are feeling a little chaotic and you need to take a breath, you can find on-wrist guided breathing sessions and track your Mindful Minutes via the Fitbit app.

Another important factor in your overall health and wellness is sleep. If you’re not sleeping well, it throws everything else off. Getting quality sleep each night is integral for recharging your batteries — both physically and mentally. The Fitbit Luxe can monitor your sleep, providing you with a Sleep Score and your sleep stages each morning so you’re better able to understand how you sleep. You’ll also receive helpful tips on how to improve your slumber so you can achieve restful nights and energised days — the dream (literally!). 

And help organise your life

The addition of a Do Not Disturb function also means your precious sleep won’t be interrupted with notifications and wake you from your much-needed rest. When activated, the call and text notifications are subtle and allow you to keep on top of the many different things happening in your life, without the need to pick up your phone to check. 

Rounding out the features of the Fitbit Luxe is arguably one of the most important factors and that’s menstrual health tracking. Your menstrual cycle dictates how you feel over the course of a month and the Fitbit Luxe allows you to log your periods, track ovulation and record symptoms so you can work with your body’s rhythms rather than against them. You’ll never be caught off guard with a surprise period again!

To really take your health tracking to the next level, when you purchase the Luxe, Fitbit also includes a six-month trial of the Premium subscription (which is usually $14.99 a month). Premium offers advanced insights and tools that allow you to improve your health and use data to make more informed decisions about your well-being. You can shop your very own Fitbit Luxe (and in turn, supercharge your health!) from $199.95 via the Fitbit website. You won’t regret it.

Fitbit Luxe Special Edition, $299.95
Fitbit Luxe, $199.95
Fitbit Luxe, $199.95
Fitbit Luxe, $199.95
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