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The Fitness Marshall "WAP" Dance Workout

The Fitness Marshall Released a "WAP" Dance Workout, and It's as High Energy as You'd Imagine

Ever since Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped their newest single, "WAP," we haven't been able to get it out of our heads. The beat! The badassery! We love it, and we equally adore workouts set to the hit song. For instance, there's this "WAP" lower-body session and this "WAP" HIIT cardio that make exercise all kinds of fun. Now, the baton has been passed to The Fitness Marshall, and the resulting dance workout is full of energy.

This routine, seen above, is medium level in difficulty, though there are beginner options you can follow along to by watching "backup booty" Allison Florea. There's "mobbing," twerking, and jumping galore. The ending, as one YouTube commenter pointed out, tricks you into doing burpee variations with something extra (more twerking, of course). Leadman Caleb Marshall called these "sexy burpee moves" inspired by Brian Esperon's viral choreography.

"I took inspiration from the music video to create the visual effects," Marshall told POPSUGAR. Follow along for yourself — we're sure it will be a blast (and a cardio blast at that).

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