11 Out-of-the-Box Fitness Challenges That Our Editors Want You to Try This Year

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I’m not really one for resolutions, but I’ll admit that when the new year swings around, I get the itch to refresh my routine. As a fitness editor, I spend a lot of the year trying out new classes, eating plans, and workout techniques, putting fitness myths to the test. A lot of them don’t work out, but every so often, I’ll love a short-term experiment so much that I mix it into my usual routine. Those are the kind of new-year changes I’m looking for in the new year.

Not all fitness resolutions have to be about weight loss or muscle gain (although those are great goals to have!). Refreshing your health and fitness game can be as simple as getting more sleep, drinking more water, making time for mental health, or setting a fun goal, like completing a set of push-ups or pull-ups every day. And if there’s a fitness practice you’re intrigued by, chances are one of our editors has tried it and can tell you if it’s worth your time.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite experiments: specific, actionable things you can do to feel better on a daily basis, from moving up your bedtime by 20 minutes to meditating for 10 minutes a day. They range from simple to challenging, but our editors found that the obstacles were worth it. Read through their experiences, choose a favourite or two, then try them out and see for yourself.

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