This Four-Week Workout Plan Is a Fool-Proof Way to Build Strength

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No matter what your fitness-related goals are, there are two styles of training that are important to incorporate into your workout routines: strength training and cardio.

Why? For starters, the benefits of strength training “include an increase in bone mass and lean mass, improved body composition (due to decreased fat mass), cardiovascular fitness, strength, and an enhanced sense of well-being,” according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Strength training can help prevent injury, strengthen your bones, and allow you to safely execute movements that are part of your daily life, from carrying groceries to closing your car trunk. Not to mention, it can be modified for all levels.

Cardio, on the other hand, adds fun and variety to your workout routines. Plus, it benefits your heart health and cholesterol, helps prevent cancer and diabetes, and also gives you the energy and endurance you need to do things like play with your kids or explore a new city on vacation. And any type of exercise benefits your mental health and mood.

But we’ve found that people tend to favor one or the other type of workout. There are the people who head straight to the dumbbell racks when they enter the gym; or the people who make a beeline to the cardio machines. They might dip a toe in the other’s arena, but they don’t always stick to a truly balanced workout plan that incorporates strength and cardio evenly.

That’s the beauty of this four-week workout routine, which includes strength and cardio moves – and can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of fitness level or goal. Ready to get started? Keep reading for the full workout plan.

– Additional reporting by Lauren Mazzo, Alexis Jones, and Mirel Zaman

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