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Healthy Manuka Honey Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Breakfast can be the most enjoyable and creative meal of the day, so why not make it the one that kicks off your daily glow from the inside and out? We totally get that leaning on your go-to breaky is an easy option, but, switching things up in the morning is integral in ensuring we're getting the nutrients we need to thrive.

To help you get inspired to make your iso-mornings as colourful as possible, we've collaborated with our friends at Swisse to put together a recipe for a Manuka Honey smoothie bowl.

Deliciously jam-packed with nutrients, the smoothie bowl allows for the manuka honey to shine in all its superfood glory, with a handful of other tasty ingredients that elevate the goodness you need to maintain over-all health.

Alongside adding an all-important dose of sweetness, manuka honey is high in phenolic acids — antioxidant compounds that help your skin radiate, as well as improve the digestive system and support immune health. FYI — manuka honey also makes for an incredible addition to moisturisers like this to maximise hydration and encourage an all-year round summertime glow.

With avocado in tow to provide you with a serving of healthy fats, and frozen mango too propel the flavour with a refreshing tang, this smoothie bowl will satiate your sweet tooth, and have your body revelling in its health benefits.

Read on for the recipe!

Glow From the Inside Out: Manuka Honey Smoothie Bowl

Hands up if your skin has been breaking out more than usual in self-isolation . . . Well, this nourishing Manuka Honey smoothie bowl might just be exactly what your skin needs.

Posted by POPSUGAR on Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Manuka Honey Smoothie Bowl Recipe


Healthy Manuka Honey Smoothie Bowl Recipe


  1. Smoothie base:
    3 Cups Frozen Mango
    2 TSP Manuka Honey
    1 Avocado
    1 Cup Almond Milk
  1. The topping:
    Coconut Flakes
    Chia Seeds
    Cacao Nibs


  • Place the frozen mango, Manuka honey, avocado and almond milk in a blender and pulse until it reaches a smooth consistency.
  • Pour it into a bowl and top with fruit, coconut flakes, cacao nibs and chia seeds.
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