How to Ensure Your Vote in This Election Helps Protect People With Disabilities

Getty / Elize Strydom

There’s a lot at stake in the 2020 election, from reproductive rights to climate change. But at a time when the US is battling a pandemic, and the Affordable Care Act faces challenges in the Supreme Court, it’s difficult to think of any issue more pressing than ensuring the health and safety of every American. For the one in four adults living with a physical or cognitive disability, issues like access to healthcare are especially important.

Whether you yourself have a disability, or you care deeply about someone who does, it’s important to learn where candidates stand on issues that affect this community. In the presidential primary, more candidates released comprehensive plans addressing disability-related issues than ever before. You can find Joe Biden’s policy goals on his site, as well as a separate section for how he plans to support people with disabilities during the pandemic. (Donald Trump has not released a plan.)

But it’s equally important to know where state and local candidates stand on these issues. Most provide information about their policies and proposals on their campaign website, so do some digging before you cast your ballot. Here are just a few issues that uniquely affect the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities – and can often be addressed on the state level.

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