Get Strong Abs Like Serena Williams With These 12 Bodyweight Exercises

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Serena Williams is one of my favorite athletes, so naturally I tune in to any and everything she shares on social media. She recently put her older sister Venus Williams through a workout, and, of course, it’s now on my list of workouts to try. As I was watching the workout, Serena said something while coaching Venus through a dynamic body fold that caught my attention: “For me as a mom, I always try and contract my transverse abdominis.”

I’m sure most people didn’t think anything of that sentence, but as a trainer, it was like music to my ears! Why? Because the transverse abdominis (TVA) is a deep core muscle group that plays an integral role in stabilizing the lumbar spine (commonly referred to as the lower back) and pelvis before any upper- or lower-body movements happen. It’s an extremely important muscle but often gets overlooked in workouts and training programs. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just likes to exercise because it makes you feel good, it’s important that you have core stability to prevent injury and to perform at an optimal level.

If you’ve never heard of the TVA until now, you may be wondering how you can target and strengthen this muscle group. To get you started, I rounded up a few of my favorite core-stability exercises that will have you on your way to a stronger TVA. This isn’t a workout, but feel free to add two to three of these exercises to your daily workouts. Check them out ahead.

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