The Period Product Quiz: How to Determine Which One Is Right For You

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Every person’s body is different and as such, will require a different period product. There are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing a period product and certain products will work better for you than others over the course of your life.

To find out which product is the best fit for you right now, we’ve created a guide for you to refer to. After years of using tampons, you might be ready to try a menstrual cup, or people who use pads might now prefer period undies. Keep reading to find out.

Factors to Consider

When choosing period products, there are a few considerations to take into account. These include:


The body changes as you age and so do your needs when it comes to period products. The products favoured by teenagers can be incredibly different from those used by middle-aged people.


Some people have an extremely heavy flow, while others experience light periods. Your flow dictates the product you use and the absorption level required of said product and as such, needs to be considered when choosing a new period product.


If you’ve just given birth, or it happened fairly recently, this limits the products you can use to deal with your period. Generally speaking, those who have just given birth will need to opt for products like period undies or pads in the first few weeks, as products that need inserting, like tampons, just aren’t an option.


How active are you? Do you regularly have access to a bathroom to swap out your products? Are you worried about the footprint you’re leaving on the Earth? Your lifestyle is also a big player in the product you prefer.

Period Product Breakdown

Period Undies

Period underwear is one of the most versatile period products as it can be worn by everyone. From first-timers to new mothers and those at the end of their period journey, period undies are great for catching menstrual fluid as well as bladder leaks.

If you’ve long been a fan of pads, consider giving period undies a try as they work in a similar way, but the undies can be washed and worn again and again, making it a much more sustainable option than disposable pads. We love Modibodi’s range of period and incontinence underwear as it provides comfortable protection for everyday wear.

Period undies are also available in a number of flow options, so whether you’re used to a heavier flow or something lighter, you’re catered for. Another great thing about period undies is that they can also be worn in conjunction with other products like a tampon or menstrual cup for increased protection.

Menstrual Cups

Another reusable period management option, menstrual cups are designed to sit within the vagina and catch period fluid. Most people can use a menstrual cup, you simply have to work out what sized cup is best for you, depending on the height of your cervix and the heaviness of your flow.

Each brand has its own specifications on how to choose the correct size for you, so it’s best to follow these instructions. But, cups are great for those with light or heavy flows, thanks to the varying sizes.

If you’re a fan of tampons and the ease they offer, menstrual cups are also a good option and much like period undies, can be cleaned and used again. As well as being reusable, menstrual cups also allow you to wear them for much longer than any other period product.

You can leave a menstrual cup in for up to 12 hours, which makes it a great option for those who won’t have access to a bathroom for hours at a time, or for those who live an active lifestyle and are always on the go. The only people who should steer clear of menstrual cups are those who have just given birth — it’s best to check with your doctor before using one of these for postpartum bleeding.


While disposable pads are single-use items that aren’t amazing for the environment, these products do serve a purpose. For starters, pads can be used by pretty much all people. All ages can use these period products and pads are often favoured by those who have just started getting their period as they are much less intimidating than a tampon or menstrual cup.

Pads are great for postpartum bleeding and won’t cause any post-birth trauma. For those experiencing period poverty, and who might not have access to hygiene facilities, pads are convenient as they can be changed regularly (granted you have a supply of product) and don’t require cleaning, you simply pop them in the bin.

Those who experience light periods or deal with spotting might also favour pantyliners — which is basically a very thin and small pad — over regular pads.


Tampons are basically the analogue version of menstrual cups, although rather than collecting blood, these products absorb it. Unlike pads, tampons offer greater convenience as they allow you to go swimming while menstruating and you’re not left with any sort of visible line through clothing, which can happen when wearing a pad.

Despite the convenience, tampons do pose their own risks — specifically toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which is a rare illness caused by an infection that can occur when tampons are left in for too long. Tampons should not be used for more than eight hours, so there’s a time limit on when these need to be removed.

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