Ever Wanted To Do a 1-Arm Push-Up? Here Are Expert Tips To Nail It

Unsplash/bruce mars

After seeing Brie Larson do a one-arm push-up, I was instantly intrigued. Regular push-ups are definitely challenging, but if you’ve ever wanted to put your upper body strength to the limit, mastering a one-arm push-up is the way to go! This moves sounds complicated, but it’s all about balance. This is usually done by putting one arm in the center of your chest and the other behind your back to make a triangle-shape with your body. Doing this puts all the focus on one arm at a time to give your muscles more of a challenge.

If you’ve never done this before – or you’re a part of the push-ups on your knees camp – a one-arm push-up can sound super intimidating. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can practice to eventually master this move.

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