This Dynamic Ab Move Targets Your Obliques and “6-Pack Muscles,” but Warning: It’s HARD

POPSUGAR Photography / Maggie Ryan

I hadn’t attempted windshield wiper abs in a good while when they popped up during a no-impact core workout I was trying on Instagram. Two reps was enough for me to remember exactly why this was one of my OG love-hate moves.

“The windshield wiper’s primary movers are the obliques and rectus abdominus or ‘six pack’ muscles,” said Mitchell Fischer, ACSM, Gold’s Gym fitness expert and US weightlifting coach, and you’re also getting stabilizing support from your glutes and hip flexors. All in all, a great full core move that Mitchell said is especially effective if you experience back pain or have trouble stabilizing your lower body during exercise.

Ready to add this into your ab routine? Ahead, we’ve demoed one modified and one advanced version of the move, and I’ll warn you: they’re much harder than they look. Remember to warm up and loosen your lower back before your workout, Mitchell told POPSUGAR.

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