4 Ways to Reduce Stress From Social Media While Fighting For Racial Justice

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As protests continue to take place in cities throughout the country, the fight for racial justice is very much alive on social media as well. And while social media was already an inherently stressful place – particularly in the midst of a pandemic – it may feel even more anxiety-inducing now.

“Advocating for racial equity and social justice can take a significant emotional and physical toll on people, especially people of color,” Sheva Assar, PsyD, a clinical psychologist in southern California who specializes in social anxiety and relational wellness, told POPSUGAR. The fight for racial justice can feel like an uphill battle, so while you continue to engage through social media – by signing petitions, or reading or watching informative interviews, for example – it’s essential to take care of yourself. Dr. Sheva explained that activist burnout is real, and it can contribute to feelings of helplessness and re-traumatization for many.

Ahead, three clinical psychologists share effective ways you can practice self-care and reduce stress while still doing your part to keep the conversation going.

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