Try This Personal Trainer's Self-Motivating Tips For Getting to the Gym

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Summoning the strength to unravel from your toasty morning blanket cocoon to hit the gym can be impossible sometimes – rallying after the workday burnout strikes isn’t any easier, either.

Even ACSM-certified personal trainer Kim Watters, who has taught fitness for 31 years, admits that some days “I need an arsenal of inspiring ways to motivate myself.”

Having a repetiteur of motivational tools that’ll keep you on track with your fitness goals is a great aid for getting through those “I’ll go twice as hard tomorrow, instead” white lies we often tell ourselves.

Watters is proof that tricking ourselves into getting a sweat can actually work. That’s why we went to her for self-motivating tips that’ll get us through our laziest days.

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Commit to 10 Minutes

When Watters doesn’t have a workout buddy, is exhausted from her busy schedule, or just finds herself making excuses, she convinces herself to get moving for just 10 minutes.

“Whatever I can get myself to do for 10 minutes will work, sometimes it’s turning on music and dancing around the house, sometimes it’s getting in the pool, and sometimes it’s a simple walk or jog,” she explained.

Once her body gets moving, Watters finds a rhythm and always ends up working out for a longer duration of time.

Give Yourself a Massage

Watters doesn’t let stiffness or pain discourage her from getting a sweat in. She always relies on a foam roller or massage gun to loosen up and feel restored and energized.

Get Outside

Breathing fresh air and immersing herself in a natural setting leaves Watters less distracted and more motivated.

“Just getting outside inspires me to go for a hike or a simple walk around the neighborhood,” explains Watter.

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Build a Community

“When I can commit to an exercise buddy, I’m less likely to let them down or to let myself down,” Watters notes.

She says she has six exercise partners – each of which prefers working out in different ways at different times of the day, so there’s always someone willing to log in a workout.

Take a Group Class

Watters finds group fitness classes to be inspiring by nature – the upbeat music, shared energy, and comradery is a recipe for success on days when you need a push to get to the gym.

Snack on Healthy Carbs

Watters will snack on healthy carbs like a banana or sweet potato for that extra boost of energy needed to tackle the Stairmaster.

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