What I Do to Ensure I Actually Work Out at Home, Instead of Crashing on the Couch

Getty / Emilija Manevska

I hate the gym with a burning, fiery passion. It’s the birthplace of all my insecurities and frustrations with my body. There’s nothing that shakes my confidence more than wandering around those shiny pieces of equipment, flustered and confused, while people with perfectly sculpted abs glide around the space like they own it. You know what I love, though? My home. My clean, lilac-scented, never-sticky, always-empty home.

But my love of at-home workouts isn’t even about my hatred of the gym. It goes far beyond that. I love the solitude of working out at home, and it’s also much easier to motivate myself to walk the 10 feet to my living room than it is to leave my house after a long day of work and classes. It’s a small gripe, and maybe I could train myself to move past it, but the truth is, working out at home is simply more convenient for me.

That said, it took a long time to get to a place where this routine actually works for me. There are plenty of YouTube videos, apps, and streaming workouts to help keep your workouts fresh and challenging, but moving from your couch and getting into the fitness zone is an entirely different problem. Here are a few tips that have helped me get over that hurdle.

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