Is Snoring Ruining Your Sex Life? Here Are 7 Things You Can Do

How to stop snoring

Is snoring ruining your sex life? We hate to snore shame but the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association found a third of couples rarely had sex because of snoring. While that’s extreme, snoring has been linked to low libido and erectile disfunction (you’re not you when you’re tired).

While snoring can be a buzzkill in the bedroom, it also has some potentially serious health implications.

Snoring can disrupt the quality of your sleep, leading to fatigue and difficulty concentrating throughout the day. It’s been linked to cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and poor sleep lowers our immune function. Snoring can also be an indicator of more serious conditions like sleep apnea, in which partial or complete blocking of the airway takes place during sleep — over time this can have serious health effects. 

None of this is fun, but don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you stop snoring for good, and get back to peaceful slumber.

How to Stop Snoring

  1. First,  let’s talk about your weight: we know it’s not the most fun topic, but carrying extra kilos can increase the likelihood of snoring. Chat with your GP or a nutritionist about the best way to address your weight, and support your physical and mental wellbeing. 
  2. Avoid alcohol and sedatives: we all like to wind down after a long hard day, and many of us associate that with a glass of wine. However, alcohol and other sedatives actually relax the muscles in your throat, which increase the likelihood of snoring and disrupted sleep. 
  3. Keep your nasal passage clear: this is an easy life hack. Using treatments like nasaline spray or netipots can keep your nasal passages clear and reduce congestion. Easy peasy. 
  4. Address your allergies: whether it’s seasonal allergies, or allergies caused by your beloved pet or household items, identifying allergies that could be increasing congestion and snoring can be a quick fix. 
  5. Quit smoking: there are so  many reason to quit smoking, so let’s add this to the list. Smoking can irritate the lining of your throat and cause inflammation, that leads to snoring. Decreased snoring and better sleep is just one of the ways you can benefit from quitting smoking. 
  6. Consider using a humidifier: dry air can irritate the lining of your throat and cause snoring. Using a humidifier in your bedroom can help keep the air moist and reduce snoring.
  7. Kick your pet out of bed: we hate to say it but if you’ve got a clingy cat joining you in the sack, they could be doing more than interrupting your sex life. Try kicking your pet out of the bedroom and see if it this improves your snoring (and anything else in the bedroom).

If these tips don’t do the trick, don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare professional. Oral appliances, and surgery can help stop you snoring once and for all, or they may recommend you head to a sleep centre, and get more sleep (snoring) specialists on deck.

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