Plan Out Your Peloton Classes in Advance With the New Stacked Feature

Getty / Cameron Prins

Image Source: Getty / Cameron Prins

I’m an avid Peloton member, and as a home-workout aficionado, I love the brand’s variety of classes. The only negative user experience I’ve ever noted (and this is applying the word “negative” very lightly) is that sometimes I’ll spend a chunk of time moving between sessions if, say, I finished a 20-minute full-body class and wanted to tack on a 10-minute core session afterward. Though you can bookmark classes in the Peloton app, seamlessly transitioning from one workout to the next is now made easy with the new Peloton Stacked Classes feature.

Stacked is exactly how it sounds: you can stack on-demand workouts so your classes transition quickly. On your web desktop, all you have to do is click on a class as you would normally and press the “stack” button to add it to your list. You’ll find your stacked classes at the bottom righthand side of your screen (once you actually stack them). Then, you can modify your stack accordingly by deleting some or switching up the order. Check this out ahead.

Image Source: Peloton

Image Source: Peloton

Note: Right now, you cannot build a stack of classes on the mobile app – the Peloton blog says you can only build a stack on the Bike, Tread, or while using the web platform. But you can access the stack you’ve already created from your mobile device (you may need to update the app first). The stack you’ve created will show up at the top of your screen when you go to the “Classes” section, and once you clear your stack through the web, your Peloton Tread, or your Peloton Bike, it’ll disappear from the app. See below:

Image Source: Peloton

As for creating a stack of workouts on your Peloton Bike or Tread, the company says to “simply long-press a class thumbnail,” at which point you’ll be able to see an option to add it to your stack. The best part? You can stack up to 10 classes to plan workouts for the rest of the week.

Image Source: Peloton

According to the Peloton blog, users can access their stacked classes on iOS devices, Apple TV, the Android mobile app, Android TV, Amazon Fire devices, and, as we mentioned, the web or Peloton machines. The company confirmed to POPSUGAR that this feature does not work on live classes, just on-demand classes for now. Keep your momentum during sweat sessions, and give it a try!

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