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Iskra Lawrence's At-Home Cardio Workout

Iskra Lawrence Shared 3 Bodyweight Moves She Does For a Quick Cardio Workout at Home

Iskra Lawrence thinks finding energy is hard right now — and that's to be expected. She's four months postpartum and, well, the circumstances of 2020 have been . . . a lot. The model and mom of one wrote on Instagram that she isn't consistent with her workouts, but when she has the time and right headspace, she's "reminded how nourishing moving my body is."

Seen above, Lawrence shared her three favourite cardio moves that she's been easing into postpartum. They're entirely bodyweight and don't require too much space: side-step high knees (similar to this side-shuffle variation), the ever-popular-in-gym-class jumping jacks, and drop squats (or what she calls "squat jump floor taps"). She does one minute of each, three times through.

"Be gentle to yourself and kind to your body," Lawrence wrote, adding, "You're doing amazing!" This is all the inspiration you may need to get some cardio in for the day — but only if you, like Lawrence, are up for it! And it goes without saying that, if you're postpartum, contact your doctor before getting back into exercise.

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