Jenna Dewan Is Fully Hooked on Weightlifting

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Considering Jenna Dewan got her start as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson, you might think that dancing makes up the majority of her fitness routine. But while the actor, dancer, and mom-of-two does dabble in some dance-based workouts like Tracy Anderson, recently, she’s been spending more gym time on strength training and Pilates.

“With my career, there will be moments where they want a dance performance, so I end up back in the studio consistently, in different ways,” Dewan told POPSUGAR in an exclusive interview while promoting her Easter partnership with Lindt Chocolate. (For example, she learned to pole dance for her role in the movie “Let’s Get Physical”.) But as of now, Dewan says she’s fully “addicted” to how weightlifting makes her feel.

POPSUGAR: We’d love to hear about your favorite workout routine or anything you’re doing lately that you love.

Jenna Dewan: I’m into variety, so I like to switch it up because I get bored easily. Lately, I started with a trainer, which for me is new because I had been just doing Pilates or dance-based workouts or yoga. The trainer’s been great for me. He’s full-on – we’re deadlifting, we’re squatting. But I give him 45 minutes and I’m like: this is the time I have, make it worth it. And it’s really helped. At the moment, I’m preferring to sculpt and build muscle, so I’m definitely into weightlifting.

But I still love my Pilates. I still love my Tracy Anderson. I love yoga, whenever I get to it. And then I have a bike at home, like a cycling bike that I’ll do. If I just don’t have time, that’s kind of what I get into.

It’s really like, ‘What can I make happen in my crazy schedule?’ And just trying to keep it up, because I’m so much happier when I’m working out.

PS: I feel like strength training is really big this year! This was on our 2023 fitness trend predictions – everybody’s getting super into the strength stuff.

JD: I’m on trend! I didn’t even know. But yeah, I like it! I didn’t know how I’d feel about it, but I do like it. It’s nice because you see yourself getting stronger.

PS: So what about other wellness routines? Is there anything you do in the morning, or anything you reach for in your diet that you like to stick with?

JD: I’ve always been ‘healthy,’ but the last couple years we’ve been kind of all over the place. So I’m back on a health kick at the moment.

I’ve been vegan before and I kind of went vegetarian while pregnant. But I really like [to get] as much vegetables and greens as possible, and then add in on top of that. I try to do an 80-20, 80 percent really good for you, and 20 percent to enjoy what I want to enjoy. But right now, I’ve been in this cleanse stage, so in the mornings I like a green juice – like a celery juice or green smoothie – and I’ll have a cup of coffee.

PS: I’m glad to hear you like coffee! I feel like people are on an anti-caffeine kick at the moment.

JD: Well, this is crazy but I didn’t drink caffeine until almost two years ago. It wasn’t for any reason, I would have a cup here and there, but I wasn’t that person. And now I’m that person. I think it was the second child.

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