Period Product Subscription Service Juuni Is Giving Away Free Boxes of Pads and Tampons


If you weren’t across Juuni already, it’s a subscription service that delivers pads and tampons to your door each month. Not only it is extremely convenient but it also means you’ll never run out of period products again! As well as providing you with organic tampons and pads on a monthly basis, Juuni’s mission is to shine a light on the conversation (or lack thereof) around periods and the way they are stigmatised.

In order to do this, Junni is using its platform to help educate the next generation of women, so their period becomes something they embrace rather than dread. Part of this education is helping ditch the taboo around periods and giving people the information they need to feel empowered.

“I think we need to make periods something girls aren’t afraid to discuss and make it part of everyday conversation. Make them realise that it happens to people the world over,” said Alison Daddo, former Dolly cover girl, ’90s It girl and Juuni ambassador.

The good news doesn’t end there, either. At the moment, Juuni is giving away free boxes of period products as well as free packs of its cult product, Spot Nix, which are acne stickers designed to nip zits in the bud thanks to the use of hydrocolloid and tea tree oil. To claim your free box, head to the Juuni website and use the code ALIDADDO at checkout.

All of the period products included in the Juuni box are bleach-free, pesticide-free and made from organic cotton so no pesticides have been used in the creation of the pads, liners and tampons. The products are also 100% biodegradable, which makes them better for both your body and the environment.

For more information, head to the Juuni website.

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