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Lita Lewis's 4-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Challenge

Got a Quick Break? Try This 4-Minute Bodyweight Cardio Challenge From a Trainer

You don't need a ton of time to get your body moving. Case in point: Lita Lewis, ISSA-certified personal trainer and founder of Thick Athletics, shared a four-minute sweat challenge meant to get your heart rate up. There are four bodyweight moves that you'll do for 45 seconds with a 15-second break: burpee with 180-degree jump, alternating wide runner's lunge, standing oblique crunch and toe touch, and alternating front lunge with knee drive. Watch her demonstrate the exercises in the Instagram slideshow above.

"If you ain't breathing heavy by the end of 4 minutes you didn't move fast enough!! TRY AGAIN," Lewis wrote about this HIIT challenge. One person said in the comments that they were trying a few rounds, which Lewis approved of. Whether you're taking four minutes to complete these exercises or you want to run through the intervals a couple of times, ready yourself for cardio that will work your upper body, lower body, and core.

For more from Lewis, check out this seven-exercise workout featuring compound movements and her 25-minute high-impact cardio session with Class FitSugar. Take your pick!

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