Want to Lose Weight by Running? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Getty / Uwe Krejci

Running can absolutely help you lose weight, but if it’s already part of your routine and you’re not seeing results, frustration can set in fast. What’s going on here? As a form of intense cardio, running has the potential to burn major amounts of calories, but weight loss isn’t just about how many calories you burn. Many other factors impact your weight, such as your diet, hormones, genes, overall workout routine, and general lifestyle.

Still, you can do a few things to maximise the weight-loss potential of every run you complete. For starters: when you come home ravenous from a long run, have a satisfying snack ready to go so you won’t overeat between meals. You’ll also want to mix up your workout routine to include strength training to boost your metabolism and recovery days – never forget about recovery days! POPSUGAR spoke to Heather Milton, MS, exercise physiologist supervisor at NYU Langone Health’s Sports Performance Center, to learn why all these things (and a few more) matter when it comes to running and weight loss. Lace up your shoes, and keep reading to troubleshoot some common reasons you may not be seeing the weight-loss results you’re after.

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