Looking For Lower Ab Exercises? You Need These 11 Trainer-Approved Moves

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An open secret in the fitness world: There’s technically no muscle group known as the “lower abs.” The truth is that different experts define the “lower abs” in different ways. Some say they’re part of the rectus abdominis (commonly referred to as the “six-pack muscles”) while others consider them to be part of the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor (your deepest core muscles).

The good news is that training your core as a whole will inherently help strengthen the muscles in your lower abdominal region, which means most core moves will fit the bill if you’re looking for lower ab exercises. However, it’s important to note that it’s not possible to “spot train” or “spot reduce” in the lower abdominal region (or anywhere else, for that matter). Instead, taking a holistic approach to training the range of muscles in your core is key to overall stability, mobility, and strength.

That said, if you do want to effectively engage those aforementioned deeper core muscles, focus on strengthening the mind-body connection before you dive into your exercises. To that end, try lying on your back and placing your fingers on your stomach, between your belly button and your hips. Take a breath, and as you exhale, try to engage your pelvic-floor muscles and pull your lower belly down away from your fingers.) As you become more in-tune with your deep abdominal muscles using the techniques, it will make all of your core exercises more effective, so-called “lower ab exercises” included.

Then, during your workout, slow down, focus on your breathing (exhaling when you do the hardest effort), and mindfully tune in to your abdominal muscles as you move.

The following exercises are my go-tos when I’m aiming to target the abdominal muscles, along with the rest of the core musculature. You can add them into any of your usual workouts as one-offs, or string several together to create a core-focused mini workout.

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