Elevate Your Home Workouts With This Sustainable (and Chic!) Yoga Mat

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Home workouts are the norm these days. While it’s always been possible to break a sweat in your home, prior to COVID, the at-home workout offerings weren’t as varied. Thanks to the events of the last 18 months, there is a plethora of workout content designed to be completed in the comfort of your home, with gym equipment not necessary.

All you need is some comfy clothes and, to make it a little easier on your body, a yoga mat comes in handy. The mat that we’re reaching for this Sydney lockdown is both sustainably sourced and chic, thanks to Australian brand MAAT. Created in 2020, MAAT was inspired by the change in lifestyle of the past year that highlighted the importance of moving one’s body.

With various parts of the country recently experiencing stay-at-home orders or full-blown lockdowns, this is a great time to update and elevate your at-home exercise gear. MAAT’s creations are made from natural tree rubber, with the material sustainably sourced in Malaysia through a process called rubber tapping.

The way the rubber is harvested keeps the trees alive and allows them to be reused for years to come, making these mats easy on the environment. Natural tree rubber is also free of harmful substances and chemicals, while also being recyclable and biodegradable, unlike the commonly used PVC.

Available in a number of prints and colours, the dreamy MOONS mat ($119) is a particular favourite of ours and won’t look out of place stored in your home. Each yoga mat is sent in recyclable packaging, with no single-use plastic in sight. And, when you order from MAAT, the brand will donate $1 USD to One Tree Planted to plant a tree. The more you order, the more trees that are planted!

Should you have any questions relating to the manufacturing process of these products, MAAT also encourages you to reach out via [email protected] — offering a truly great experience for the consumer seeking out sustainable options in the fitness world.

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